Overview of Our Grants

Activities supported:
  • Proposals that support diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives will take priority
Who can apply?:
  • Fall: Any US-based musician or musical arts organization
  • Spring: Eastman students, alumni, faculty and staff, and the organizations they represent
IML Mentorship grant
Activities supported:
  • Research & Community Engagement
  • Educational content creation
  • Business proposals
Who can apply?:
  • Full-time matriculated undergraduate or graduate Eastman students
Department Matching grant
Due 2 months
prior to event
Activities supported:
  • Presentations
  • Panels
  • 1:1 advising
Who can apply?:
  • Eastman Faculty through department approval
Special Opportunity grant
Activities supported:
  • Conferences & Workshops
  • Shadowing professionals
  • Online courses to develop specific skills
Who can apply?:
  • ALP certificate candidates
  • Students graduating within 2 years
UP TO $1500

The Paul R. Judy Center for Innovation and Research Grant

Deadline: October 1, 2023 and February 1, 2024

The PRJC recognizes that the music profession must engage in systemic and transformational change in pursuit of a more just and equitable arts ecosystem. This grant provides funding for proposals such as:

Research: Interested individuals or teams may submit a proposal to support a research project. Funding may go toward travel, lodging, or other costs in order to complete the project. Winners will submit articles/summaries to be featured in IML research.

Projects: This category is for ensembles and is intentionally broad, encompassing a wide range of activities.  A few examples of projects include educational outreach programs, concerts, and recording projects. 

IML Mentorship Grant

Deadline: October 1, 2023 and February 1, 2024

Provides matriculated ESM students with opportunities to receive funding and mentorship to encourage new thinking and the development of innovative ideas in music. To receive a grant, the proposal must demonstrate:

  • Musical excellence
  • An inspired project concept/artistic mission
  • A value add to the music field and the community. We do not support proposals that will just support an individual or their career.
  • Potential for sustainability
  • Capacity for completing the project (i.e. realistic budget, access to resources, partners/collaboration, appropriate authority/permission)

Applicants are required to attend an informational session prior to applying. Fall session dates are below. Please contact IML Program Manager Jeff Dunn at jdunn@esm.rochester.edu for Zoom links and questions.

Fall 2023 Grant Information Sessions: TBA at a later time.

Mentorship Grant applicants are highly encouraged to have an advising session with an IML staff member PRIOR to submitting their application.

Department Matching Grant

Deadline: 2 months prior to the event

Every school year, each ESM department can receive up to $500 in matching funds to support bringing in external guests (i.e. honoraria, transportation, room & board, etc.). To receive a a matching grant, the event must meet the following criteria:

  • Requests must be received at least 60-days prior to the event, excluding holidays.
  • The department chair agrees to the request
  • The event is feasible from a scheduling, logistical and financial standpoint
  • The specific event that we are supporting will involve the guest discussing our specified topics. We do not support performances or masterclasses.

Notice of the proposal being accepted will happen within 3-4 business days.

Special Opportunity Grant (ALP Candidates only)

Provides funding to further the professional development and skill development of students currently enrolled in the Arts Leadership Certificate Program. These grants provide support for specific opportunities that relate to a student’s career goals that are not offered through Eastman curriculum or connections.

To apply, ALP Certificate students must log into their Intranet account.

Grant Logistics & Expectations

What Is needed in the Proposal?

Each grant has specific requirements outlined in the application. However, all grants can expect to have a proposal description, audience/impact description, list of collaborators/partners, timeline for the project, and a budget.

How are Grants Selected?

Each grant has a specific committee consisting of IML & ESM staff and faculty members.

What are the Expectations of the grant?

To receive funding, all grant awardees must submit final materials describing the outcome of the project including:

  • A summary of the project, including any relevant data demonstrating impact
  • Representative photos or images
  • A 2-3 sentence testimonial about how the funds assisted in the success of the project

Can Previous Winners Apply again?

Yes, though we will give priority to those who have not receive funding yet.

Other Funding Avenues

Looking for additional funding support? There are other opportunities around campus to explore!

ESM Professional Development Committee

Offered every month during the school year, this funding supports ESM faculty, individual students, and chamber groups to purse professional development opportunities.

Take Five Scholars &
e5 Programs

Available to undergraduates interested in continuing their education. Take 5 supports an additional free year of coursework in courses outside your major, while e5 provides guidance on starting a project.

Gwen M. Greene Center Funding Opportunities

Students pursuing dual degrees at ESM & UR are eligible to apply for funding at the Gwen M. Green Career center, including internship and skill-building support.

Meliora Scholars

First-year students who are interested in pursuing an independent research project in the humanities or the humanistic social sciences may apply to become Meliora Scholars.