June 24-28, 2024

Level up your leadership skills

You are driven, passionate, and creative. You’re ready to make a difference in music – to create a more equitable ecosystem, to connect with the community you live in, to show funders that music and art matters and needs to be sustainable. You work for a music school, an arts organization, or you’re starting your own thing; maybe you’re still gigging. The Bootcamp was designed for you to get all of the skills you need to make a real impact in your current role while helping you take steps on your career journey so you can help guide the conversation about the future of the musical community.

We’ve curated lectures, case studies, and workshops with your career in mind, but after that part of the Bootcamp is done, you continue to have access to group and individual mentorship sessions with the faculty to continue your growth and get guidance to achieve your personal goals.

Are you ready?

What it is.

An intensive week-long series of online interactive workshops and case studies tailored around your work schedule that look at the leadership topics, skills, and tools you need as a young professional to help take you to the next level of your career in music or arts administration.

Who It’s For.

You’re an advancing professional who is in the field, currently working for or developing an arts organization – a music school, a festival, a 501(c)(3) – and you’re looking to make the move to a higher position and take your career and your organization to the next level.

What You Gain.

A unique set of skills, techniques, and knowledge that will allow you to enhance your career and grow as a leader by assessing targeted case studies that highlight current leadership issues facing the music world and actively working to develop the tools necessary to implement real world applications for addressing these issues.

Bootcamp Faculty

Lead Faculty

Rachel Roberts
Institute for Music Leadership
Associate Professor,
Music Leadership
Eastman School of Music

Jamal Rossi

Jamal Rossi
Joan and Martin Messinger
Eastman School of Music

Core Presenters

Lisa French

Toni Paz

Ari Solotoff

Crystal Sellers Battle
Equity and Inclusion

Bootcamp Schedule

The Eastman Leadership Bootcamp runs Monday through Friday, and has two sessions per day. All times are Eastern Time.

11:30am to 2:00pm

6:00pm to 8:30pm

Faculty Presentation

Case Study Workshop

Each day will be led by a different faculty member on their topic. The 2023 Bootcamp featured:






Equity and Inclusion




Salary Negotiation Workshop and Leadership

Gain Support

2024 Tuition Breakdown:

2024 Tuition: $750

All Scholarship Applicants by March 1, 2024

Final Application Deadline May 15, 2024

Partial and full scholarships are available to all applicants based on both merit and financial need!

Additional scholarships available to El Sistema USA members and those from Yamaha Institutions of Excellence. Contact your institution for more information, or contact us with questions.

Applicants must apply by March 1, 2024 to be considered for any Bootcamp scholarship. Applicants may still apply up to May 15, but will not be considered for scholarship.

Please note that the 2024 ELB is capped at 25 learners.

Make the case to your employer for your attendance at the 2024 Eastman Leadership Bootcamp

2024 ELB Justification Packet

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