The deadline for the 2023 cycle has passed. Applications will reopen in July of 2024.

Please note: An interview will only occur if you make it pass the application round. The final follow-up is to provide feedback on your application and inform you if you were accepted.

Application Materials


Request a letter of recommendation from a faculty member, supervisor, or mentor and have them submit this Recommendation Letter form. This letter should NOT be about your performance abilities. Rather, it should address your work ethic, personal characteristics, academic ability, potential for leadership, and/or your potential commitment to the goals of the Catherine Filene Shouse ALP Certificate. If you are a new graduate student, please do not use your new studio professor unless you have a prior relationship with them.


Complete 3 short essays (1 page each). These are designed to give us a more detailed view of your past experience, your ambitions, and what you hope to get out of the Catherine Filene Shouse ALP Certificate.

  • Describe your career ambitions. What experience or knowledge do you hope to get out of the certificate program in order to help you achieve these career goals? 
  • Describe any activities or projects in which you have been involved that demonstrated initiative or leadership (e.g., audience outreach, ensemble organization and programming, administration of student organizations, etc.).
  • What are some of the organizations in which you would be interested in interning?  List 3 things you would hope to learn from your internship experience.


Using our template, develop a current resume outlining your background, work& internship and/or leadership experience. If our template is not used, the application will NOT be accepted. For assistance in developing a leadership/administrative résumé, visit our Resume & CV page.

What We Are Looking For

When reviewing applications, we expect for students to:


  • Be in good academic standing
  • Have current/prior work experience
  • Research the Catherine Filene Shouse Arts Leadership Certificate of Achievement and understand what the program offers
  • Submit a high-quality application that follows the instructions


  • Demonstrate existing leadership experience and skills
  • Be mindful of how the classical music field is evolving and current trends
  • Articulate their personal and professional goals – even if they include many ideas

Gaining Experience

Want to see if you are a good fit for the Catherine Filene Shouse Arts Leadership Certificate of Achievement? Need to build upon your skills and knowledge to meet our requirements? Try out some of these opportunities:

In General

  • Apply for an on-campus or summer job
  • Attend conferences/workshops in fields you are interested in
  • Run your own ensemble
  • Volunteer in the community
  • Develop and work on a professional project

At Eastman

Have a question? Feel free to reach out to the Program Director at