IML Department Matching Grant

Each year all departments at the Eastman School of Music can receive matching funding from IML for up to $500. This funds will go to support collaboration between the IML and other Eastman departments to bring in external guests for presentations, panels, and other relevant experience. Funding support is contingent on communication and collaboration for planning purposes, and is expected before, during, and after the event.

The information you will need to complete this form includes: Name and information of guest speaker(s), description and timeframe for the event, description of how the event aligns with the IML mission and the intended audience. If you are still finalizing the guests, please provide examples of individuals you would like to bring in. Please note: The chair of your department must be in agreement that this is how they would like to utilize their allotted department funds for this academic year.

MM slash DD slash YYYY

Department Applicant Information

Please provide the following information.
Name of the Department Chair(Required)
Faculty Contact(Required)

Proposed Guest/Presenter/Group Information

Please provide us with the following information about the guest(s) you are suggesting. Note: If you are still finalizing which guests you are interested in, list more than one!
Please provide a short biography or website for the individual you are interested in inviting
Do you already have a connection with this individual?(Required)

Event Description

How will they engage with our students? Is it a panel? Workshop? 1:1 advising?
Mission: The IML creates career and leadership opportunities for musicians on and off the stage.

Budget & Matching Funds Requested

Please provide the following information around the funds you are requesting.
Please provide a brief description of your overall budget (expenses), how you plan on funding the event, and the timeline of when these funds will be utilized.
How much funding will you be requesting of us? Note: This has to MATCH what has already been offered by department, up to $500.

Collaboration Agreement

I acknowledge that funding is contingent on collaboration with the IML, and agree to the be the contact person for communication and collaboration in planning, execution, and follow up should the event be supported with this grant.(Required)