To prepare for a career in music, one needs to build skill-sets, connect with people, and gain experience in the field. Explore and apply to the various opportunities outlined below to get a leg up in your career journey.

Internships, Gigs, & Jobs

Looking to find a job on-campus, summer internship, or perhaps a gig in the area? Check out our Job Openings page to learn about various platforms and opportunities.

ESM & UofR Programs

Arts Leadership Certificate

A 2-year certificate program to develop leadership skills and build experience in the music field. All candidates receive two paid internships, access to professional development funding, 1:1 advising, and a specific ESM cohort of alumni. For ESM juniors & graduate students.

Eastman Leadership Academy

A summer program for students to engage on topics such as innovation in the arts, application of entrepreneurial thinking and business skills, and crafting a personal mission. The academy assists participants in identifying career goals, while also making an impact on the community. For all ESM students.

Conservatory Exchange Program

Expands opportunities for students by offering exchanges with international music conservatories. A semester or year abroad offers the chance to find a unique educational experience, learn about national performing styles, complete important research, and/or seek career opportunities. For all ESM students.

Eastman Student Organizations

These include a variety of topics and focuses within and outside of music. Attending events, becoming a member, or running for office offer opportunities to connect with the Eastman community and build experience. If you are interested in learning about additional clubs at University of Rochester’s, check out the CCC.

Take Five Scholars & e5 Programs

Available to undergraduates interested in continuing their education. Take 5 supports an additional free year of coursework in courses outside the applicants major. e5 by the Ain Center provides guidance on getting a project or entrepreneurial idea up and running. For undergraduate students.

Rochester Urban Fellows

A 10-week summer program that engages students in ~300-hour fellowships with community organizations, faculty- and community-led urban issue dialogues, and community events. Students serve with local community organizations to create, expand, or support a number of different initiatives. For undergraduate students.

Rochester Youth Year

Engages and empowers recent graduates to strengthen the capacity of community organizations in an effort to alleviate the effects of poverty on Rochester youth and families. Our members serve for one year at public agencies or nonprofits and work to create, sustain, or expand initiatives. For recent alums. 


Sponsored by the U.S. Department of State and designed to promote mutual understanding and peace between the United States and other nations through educational and cultural exchange. It offers college graduates opportunities for career-launching study, teaching, and research abroad. For seniors & graduates.

Performance & Creation Experience

Please note that these experiences are just a sample of a the various types of opportunities available to you, and is not a comprehensive list.


Summer festival opportunities exist in abundance! Discover large ensemble, chamber, contemporary, early music and more through Peabody Institute’s Festival database.


Competitions are offered in multiple genres, instrument combinations, and locations. Start by exploring this list of competitions.

Residencies & YAP’s

Whether you are a composer, individual musician, or chamber ensemble, there are numerous residencies around the world. Explore these lists for spaces that suit your needs.


Thinking about publishing an article? Here is a list of Music Journals from all fields that present research on an array of topics.

Professional Associations & Conferences

There are a plethora of professional organizations and associations in the music field. By becoming a member or attending their events, you can gain connections, practice presenting, and even have access to scholarships or competitions.

Interested in exploring more options? We would be glad to help you identify appropriate experiences for your career goals. Make an appointment with us via Handshake.