Online Learning Support for Faculty

Faculty Support for online teaching is available through both the IML (focused on instructional tools and design) and Technology and Media Production (focused on technical issues). 

To contact IML between 9:00am and 5:00pm, email Stephen Biegner at  Stephen will contact the IML staff member on call at that time and ask them to contact you directly. To contact IML during evening or weekend hours, email Jim Doser at  

To contact T&MP send an email to:

Presentations and Handouts from Online Learning Support Sessions for Eastman Faculty

In addition to the following, please visit the University’s page, Teaching During Times of Disruption, which offers a wealth of quick how-to instruction for faculty and instructors using University supported tools such as Blackboard, Box, and Zoom.

  1. ZOOM Classes – Holding live class sessions, lectures, and class discussions
    Video | Slides  | Handout
  2. ZOOM Lessons – Teaching applied lessons
    Video | Slides
  3. BOX – Share and receive documents with students through BOX
    Video | Handout
  4. Teaching During Times of Disruption – University Presentation covering a wide range of important online skills
    Video | Slides
  5. BLACKBOARD Tools – Provide content to students, Record lectures with Panopto, Administer and grade quizzes and assignments
    Video | Slides


Spring 2020 Online Teaching and Learning Workshop Series

Teaching During Times of Disruption – Part II

This will build on the first TDTD workshop and cover Advanced capabilities in Zoom, Strategies for Online Discussion, Rubrics for Assignments, Peer Review activities, and Facilitating Student presentations.

  1. April 7: noon-1pm
  2. April 10: 10-11am
  3. April 13: 4-5pm

Moving from Disruption to Online Teaching

This will cover Misperceptions about Online Learning, Online Learning Research, Designing instruction, the Online course template, a faculty guest, and the Advanced Series in Online Teaching for UR faculty.

  1. April 16: noon-1pm
  2. April 20: 10-11am

Join Zoom Meeting:

Policy on Notifying Students of Recording Synchronous Zoom Sessions University counsel has issued guidance that instructors should notify students that synchronous Zoom sessions are being recorded using one or more of the following methods:

  • Syllabus statement (sample: “Please note, all online classes will be recorded.”)
  • Verbal statement at outset of first several class sessions
  • One-time email to all students

***Please note that Zoom permits students to turn off their cameras and/or mute as needed.

Additional Information and Advice about Online Tools

  • Always use the Panopto tool to load recordings and videos of any kind into Blackboard.  Embedding recordings directly into Blackboard itself destabilizes Blackboard.
  • Zoom recordings stay with the main room when students are in breakout rooms.
  • The default settings in Zoom allow students to chat privately with each other.  This is visible to the instructor in certain circumstances.  You can disable this feature in your Zoom settings and should warn students that you can see private chats if you do not disable it.
  • Turning off UR VPN when teaching remotely can improve the stability of Zoom.  Zoom also allows computer video and telephone audio, a combination that might be useful if your students report that your audio quality is muddy.
  • You can designate a co-host in Zoom to monitor the chat box, spot students using the “raised hand” feature, mute microphones, track time, and so on.  This is an excellent option for instructors with a TA who has stable internet and the ability to attend class.
  • Please note specifically the new video tutorial on “What if there are issues with my live Zoom session?” as a resource.
  • University guidance on Privacy in Zoom (pdf)