Online Learning Support for Faculty

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Training Modules

This training is designed to help Eastman School of Music Faculty prepare their Fall 2020 courses for hybrid and online teaching formats. This course will be hosted in Blackboard itself and consist of video instruction, tutorials, readings, step-by-step guides and additional resources. All information and resources are provided by faculty and staff from the Warner School of Education, Eastman School of Music, and other educational music institutions. The material is divided up into three main modules:

Module 1: Principles of Online Learning & Course Design

  1. Topic:  Best Practices of Online Course Design
  2. Audience: Faculty teaching “academic” courses 
  3. (all faculty are welcome!)

Module 2: How to Use Tools in Blackboard for Online Teaching

  1. Topic: Instruction for Using Online Teaching Tools
  2. Audience: Faculty teaching “academic” courses
  3. (all faculty are welcome!)

Module 3: Applied Studio Teaching & Other Performance Classes

  1. Topic:  Strategies and Tools for Teaching Applied Lessons and Studio Classes Online
  2. Audience: Faculty Teaching Lessons, Studio Classes, Small Ensembles
  3. (all faculty welcome)

To access the course:

  • Go to Blackboard
  • Log in using your NetID and password
  • Under the Main menu, scroll down to “UR Courses Online”
  • Under the “Continuous” sub section, select the course titled “Getting Started with Online Teaching for ESM – Summer 2020”

Note: Should you not see the course in your Blackboard account, please contact Blaire Koerner at

View Live Q&A Panel Session Recordings:

We will be pairing the asynchronous videos and resources with three virtual, live Q&A sessions. These panels will consist of ESM faculty and staff who have received training or have experience in these areas and are willing to help clarify some of the topics and instructions from the Modules.

Following-up with questions that were asked in the Q&A sessions that we had did not know the answers to:

  1. Is orientation including training for students on how to use Blackboard and some of its important tools (like VoiceThread, Discussion Forums, submitting assignments, etc.)?
    No. Students in orientation are not receiving any training on how to use Blackboard. However, students ARE using Blackboard for orientation topics, so they are becoming familiar with the tools.
  2. What will the process and timeframe be for faculty advising of first-year students?
    Any questions revolving around faculty advising for first-years, whether it is scheduling, online courses, or using UR Student, should be directed to John Hain
  3. Will the spring policy stated by the university that allows faculty to record their class sessions without seeking individual permission from students continue?
    Yes, this policy will continue
  4. Has communication be sent to students about what to do if they do not have access to a computer or internet, including potential support from the school and university?
    Eastman is sending out communication that lays out a minimum for the equipment we expect students to have this fall. As always, if students need support they can contact the Office of Academic Affairs. There is support available for students who meet certain thresholds for financial need.
  5. Are polls and surveys in Blackboard anonymous?
    Polls are not anonymous, you can see the results and how each individual student responded. Surveys are anonymous, you can see if the student completed it, but not their responses.

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