Eastman Leadership Conference 2017

What It Is.

A 3 1/2-day intensive and immersive conference that will enhance your leadership effectiveness and develop new perspectives, skills and tools to effectively lead and manage your school, department, faculty, and students in today’s modern music school landscape.

Eastman Leadership Conference 2019

Who It’s For.

Capped at only 30 participants, this intimate conference is for current and aspiring deans, associate/assistant deans, department chairs, and any faculty or staff members of music schools currently in or aspiring to leadership positions.

What You Gain.

Enhanced individual leadership effectiveness and the development of new perspectives, skills and tools all accomplished through specific learning objectives and goals incorporated throughout the conference.

Hungry for Change.

As leaders in today’s music schools, we are charged with navigating a continually evolving professional musical world for our graduates and our institutions. We share the common goal of preparing students for a field that is shifting paradigms, business models, and essential skills. We must understand the opportunities and challenges that these changes present and engage faculty, staff, students, boards, and donors in the visionary evolution of our institutions in such a way that acknowledges tradition while embracing innovation.

Are you ready?