Arts Leadership Certificate Program Application

Thank you for applying to the Catherine Filene Shouse Arts Leadership Program Certificate. Please provide the following information below. Please note that you can save this form and return at a later date.

Applicant Information

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Recommender Information

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Supporting Documents

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Provide a 1-page, single-space response for each question; please include the question in your document BEFORE each response.

  • Essay 1: Describe your career ambitions. What experience or knowledge do you hope to get out of the certificate program in order to help you achieve these career goals?

  • Essay 2: Describe any activities or projects in which you have been involved that demonstrated initiative or leadership (e.g., audience outreach, ensemble organization and programming, administration of student organizations, etc.).

  • Essay 3: What are some of the organizations in which you may be interested in interning at during the program? List 3 things you would hope to learn from your internship experience.
Max. file size: 125 MB.
Feel free to submit anything you feel might help your application (projects, website, portfolio, etc.)