S2E9 – Sustainable Work and Mental Health: an Interview with Dr. Blaire Koerner

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Season 2, Minisode 9: Sustainable Work and Mental Health – an Interview with Dr. Blaire Koerner

With many musicians jostled out of typical routines due to COVID-19, it is especially important to prioritize sustainable work and mental health in the present as well as in our plans for the future. What are your values? How can you keep your tank full so that you’re not running on empty? How can you prevent burnout? What do you do if it’s too late?

Host: Stephen Biegner
Guest: Dr. Blaire Koerner, IML Assistant Director
Mixing, Mastering: Stephen Biegner
Intro & Incidental Music: Stephen Biegner
Outro Music: Alexa Silverman
Transcript: Emma Gierszal


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