S4E15 – Balancing a Professional Portfolio with Daniel Pesca

Season 4, Episode 15: Balancing a Professional Portfolio with Daniel Pesca

Daniel Pesca joins us to discuss his career as a solo pianist, chamber musician, and composer as he arrives at Eastman as an Assistant Professor of Composition. He speaks about his roles as a founding member of the Grossman Ensemble and co-director Zohn Collective; a useful listen for any musician interested in managing ensembles and premiering new composers’ works. He also mentions the importance of keeping an eye on the future while juggling practicing, performance, and composition, and that it’s okay to not do everything all at once – “things have to ebb and flow”.

Host: Jeff Dunn

Guest: Daniel Pesca

Mixing, Mastering: Jacob Rose

Artwork: Joyce Tseng

Music: Will Jae

Transcript: (coming soon!)
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