S3E5 – Incantare: Chamber Music, Connections, and “New” Composers

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Season 3, Episode 5: Incantare: Chamber Music, Connections, and “New” Composers

In this podcast, Eastman alumni Liza Malamut and Ben David Aronson discuss forming their chamber group Incantare, a consort of sackbuts and violins that highlights the musical and cultural connections of under-explored musicians from the Renaissance and early Baroque periods. The cofounders talk about navigating the needs of the chamber group, connecting with audiences, and balancing their portfolio careers.

Incantare won a Paul R. Judy Center for Innovation and Research Grant to present their program, “Exile,” which explored the influence of Italian, German, and eastern European music and Jewish Culture. Incantare is presenting this program at the Hendricks Chapel as part of the Malmgren Concert series at Syracuse University on Saturday, February 19th, 2023 at 4:00 PM.

Host: Jeff Dunn

Guests: Liza Malamut and Ben David Aronson

Mixing, Mastering: Kelly Jutsum

Intro & Incidental Music: Stephen Biegner, Jeff Dunn

Outro Music: Alexa Silverman


More about Incantare: https://www.incantaremusic.com/

More about the 2/19 concert in Syracuse: Music and Message | Malmgren Concert

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