S3E4 – Amplifying Black Composers with The Overlook

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Season 3, Episode 4: Amplifying Black Composers with The Overlook

NYC cellist Laura Metcalf is one of the founders of The Overlook: an uptown New York City string quartet amplifying the music of Black Composers. This ensemble was a product of the challenges faced in 2020, and acted in response to the murder of George Floyd.

The Overlook received one of IML’s Paul R. Judy Center for Innovation in Research grants to support their festival “If the Stars Align.” In this episode, Laura chats with host Jeff Dunn about The Overlook, and their origins, mission, and future.

Host: Jeff Dunn

Guest: Laura Metcalf

Mixing, Mastering: Kelly Jutsum

Intro & Incidental Music: Stephen Biegner, Jeff Dunn

Outro Music: Alexa Silverman

Transcript: Vivian Tao

More about The Overlook: https://www.theoverlookquartet.com/

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