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New Year, New Audience?

January 13, 2020 In: Sound Bits

In recent weeks, an article by Aubrey Bergauer has been circulating on Facebook. Titled “The Orchestra Myth: And What We Can Learn From Nordstrom,” the article highlights the value of nurturing existing audiences in addition to developing new audiences. Bergauer highlights that the challenge for orchestras is not attracting new audiences, but rather retaining audiences […]

Image by TeeFarm from Pixabay

Striving for a Growth Mindset

December 17, 2019 In: Sound Bits

In Carol Dweck’s groundbreaking book “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success” she draws distinctions between two types of mindsets: fixed and growth. With a fixed mindset, we want to be great, receive recognition, be the best, and not try or work at it. With a growth mindset, we don’t feel the need for constant approval […]

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The #1 Most Important Thing in Music Careers Hasn’t Changed

December 4, 2019 In: Sound Bits

Doesn’t it feel like as a musician in the 21st century, you are pulled in a hundred different directions? You’ve got social media posts to attend to, blog posts to write, receipts to file, grant proposals to write, and the list goes on. So, what’s the priority? What is the most important thing? I remember […]

Image by Fathromi Ramdlon from Pixabay

Boost Your Creativity with this One Simple Idea

November 20, 2019 In: Sound Bits

Creativity is all about making connections between seemingly disparate ideas, and developing many possible solutions to a given problem. You may ask, why do we want to boost our creativity? For one, in the non-stop social media and saturating news cycle of the 21st century, employers are looking for people that bring creativity to their […]

Image by cheskapoon from Pixabay

5 New Grant Proposals Awarded Funding

November 6, 2019 In: PRJC News

The Paul R. Judy Center for Innovation and Research is pleased to announce five new projects that have been awarded funding through the PRJC Grant Program. The grant committee received a wealth of excellent proposals for innovative projects and research surrounding the topic of innovative ensembles. Here are the projects that have been awarded funding […]

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