3 Questions to Help Evaluate Your Marketing

February 14, 2019 In: Sound Bits

I know, we are oversaturated with marketing these days. Social media ads, robo-calls, TV commercials, YouTube ads, junk mail…it goes on and on. But I think it’s important to periodically evaluate how we are marketing our work – as a freelance musician, an ensemble, a presenting organization, a community music school, or something else! These […]

3 Excellent Tax Resources for Musicians

February 7, 2019 In: Sound Bits

It’s that time of year again – tax season! I know, it’s not actually that exciting. But even though taxes can be complicated and frustrating, you can save yourself some money if you do them well. A new tax law went into effect for 2018, so things will be a little different this year. We’ve […]

7 Tips for Using Skype / FaceTime in Professional Work

January 31, 2019 In: Sound Bits

The advent of technologies like Skype and FaceTime have allowed musicians to connect with (and work with) other musicians around the world, at a moment’s notice! Certainly other industries are using video conferencing for work meetings, presentations, and more. In music, we can do the same. We can use these tools to hold board meetings, […]

One of the Most Inspiring Quotes about Being a Musician

January 24, 2019 In: Sound Bits

Karl Paulnack, currently the Dean of the Ithaca College School of Music, was previously the Director of the Music Division at Boston Conservatory. ┬áIn a welcome address he gave to the parents of an incoming Freshman class at BC (and in an address to the students as well) he said: “If we were a medical […]

Video: 3 Principles for Web Design

January 18, 2019 In: Sound Bits

In a concise, 20-minute video presentation, Joseph Van der Stel walks us through 3 key principles of web design. These principles will help you develop a critical eye for website design, and will also provide a valuable perspective if you are embarking on a new website or redesign.

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