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Uncertain Times: The Stimulus & the Arts

March 30, 2020 In: Sound Bits

On Friday afternoon, a historic stimulus packaged was signed into law, aimed to blunting the catastrophic economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Below is a summary of support available for musicians and arts organizations. Assistance for Individuals CARES Act: Recovery Checks Individuals receive a maximum of $1200. Married couples receive a maximum of $2400. There […]

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Uncertain Times: Music is Essential

March 23, 2020 In: Sound Bits

Writing these blog posts has become increasingly challenging in recent weeks. While the primary focus of the PRJC is on innovation and impact, relevance and meaning are what drive all of our work. How does the art I create—the work I engage in—relate to the world around me? What possibly can be said when livelihoods […]

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Uncertain Times: Resources for Musicians

March 16, 2020 In: Sound Bits

The impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the musical world is unprecedented. Over the last two weeks, our field, built primarily on a foundation of human interactions and large events, has been upended. In these uncertain and precarious times, we have curated a list of organizations providing support to musicians in need: American Federation of […]

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Uncertain Times: Enter Innovation

March 9, 2020 In: Sound Bits

As the world is gripped with uncertainty and concern surrounding the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), the impact has been significant in the music world. The centrality of live performance in public spaces that is at the core of what we do, make the arts particularly vulnerable to measures designed to contain the spread of the disease. […]

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Leadership Through Programming

February 24, 2020 In: Sound Bits

February through March marks an exciting time in the orchestral world—the time period when a majority of professional symphony orchestras release their programming for the upcoming season. As performing artists in the 21st century, what we program and perform defines our personal artistic values and aesthetics, determines what our audiences will and will not experience […]

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