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Ensemble Financials: A Look Inside One Chamber Group

August 15, 2019 In: Sound Bits

Curious to know some of the financial details behind a small, successful chamber music group? Adam Schumaker over at NewMusicBox recently published a piece that takes a inside look at the ensemble loadbang. Included is an interview with loadbang’s Executive Director and trumpeter Andy Kozar. The overview of the ensemble’s finances reveals some interesting information […]

“Ensemble Forward” Grant Program from Chamber Music America

July 24, 2019 In: Sound Bits

Chamber Music America recently announced a new grant program titled “Ensemble Forward” that provides funding for NYC-based “young ensembles” to work with a chamber music coach. Read more about the program here. Quick facts: DEADLINE to apply: September 27, 2019 Grant provides funding for 4 sessions with a chamber music coach (of the ensemble’s choice). […]

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Pro Tips #2: Essential Skills We Didn’t Learn in School

July 17, 2019 In: Sound Bits

This is the second in our series of “Pro Tips” articles that feature the input of many professional musicians, all answering the same question. Check out the first article in the series here.  This week’s question: What is one skill that you use today that you DIDN’T learn in music school?    Without a doubt […]

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Pro Tips #1: Recommended Apps and Resources

July 10, 2019 In: Sound Bits

For the next two weeks, we are sharing a series of “Pro Tips” articles that feature the input of many professional musicians, all answering the same question. This week’s question: What is one tool / resource / app that you use frequently and find really useful?   Basic HTML, oddly. It allows me to make simple […]

Image by fancycrave1 from Pixabay

Save The Date! Grants Application Deadline October 1, 2019

July 2, 2019 In: PRJC News, Sound Bits

Though it’s summertime and we are thinking more about beaches and BBQs than fall foliage, it’s not too early to start preparing for the October 1st PRJC grant deadline! The Paul R. Judy Center for Innovation and Research is excited to be accepting proposals for another cycle of grants focused on innovative ensembles. The Center […]

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