Eastman Leadership Conference and Academy: Preparing the Next Generation of Music School Leaders

February 14, 2018 In: PRJC News, Sound Bits

March 1 is an important deadline for both of these opportunities – check them out below! Eastman Leadership Conference | June 20-23, 2018 | Rochester, NY Leadership and administration in music schools comes with unique challenges.  The Eastman Leadership Conference provides music school leaders and administrators essential information and experiences to help them meet these challenges.  […]

Why Should People Come to Your Concert?

February 7, 2018 In: Sound Bits

This is a crucial question that I think we all need to ask ourselves when planning and marketing concerts and other live events. Why should people come? What about this event is truly unique, or great, or captivating, or something? If we don’t have a good answer for that, how can we expect people to […]

4 Steps to Help Your Ensemble Get Organized in 2018

January 31, 2018 In: Sound Bits

Let’s jump right in: Review and Update Ensemble Procedures: Do you have a “Roles and Responsibilities” document? Operational Plan? Review these and update accordingly.  If you don’t have a document that specifies roles and responsibilities for your ensemble, consider creating one. This document should lay out the positions within your ensemble, what each individual is […]

Is Your Resume up to Date? Here are Three Tips to Spruce it Up

January 24, 2018 In: Sound Bits

How often do you update your resume (or CV)? Just when you need to submit it for something and then you wish you had been keeping up with it more regularly? Ah, yes. Alas, we often have more pressing things to do with our time than keep these documents ultra fresh. But, you may want […]

A Free eBook That Can Change the Way You Think About Your Music Career

January 17, 2018 In: Sound Bits

“Making Your Life as an Artist” is a super valuable (and free!) ebook from Artist U.  I came across it a couple of years ago and have shared it with many people, who always seem to benefit from the fresh perspectives included in the pages of this ebook.  The book was written by choreographer Andrew […]

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