Zoe Markle – Evolution: Classical 2023

Zoe Markle – Evolution: Classical 2023

Zoe Markle found their involvement at the Banff Centre’s Evolution Classical 2023 program to be an unexpected journey of growth, both musically and personally. Led by the Gryphon Trio, Evolution: Classical brings participants together with international performing artists, thought leaders, and creative innovators. As a community they work towards creating a series of collaborative, curated final performances, and in the process explore the challenges and choices that musicians encounter as they continue to develop their artistic practice and pursue career advancement. For Markle, the most powerful aspect of this program were the genuine relationships she cultivated with like-minded colleagues and industry professionals; they became mentors and potential collaborators. Over the course of their attendance, Markle faced unexpected challenges, all of which they mention, have prepared them for the unpredictability of a career in music and have instilled in them resilience and versatility that will be essential in navigating the field. Beyond honing musical skills, it encouraged Markle to welcome new and transformative experiences, of which they cannot recommend enough.


“Evolution Classical 2023 was more than a program—it was an initiation into the multifaceted world of a professional musician. To any aspiring musician seeking a transformative experience, I cannot recommend it enough!”

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