Zoe Markle: Evolution: Classical 2022

Zoe Markle: Evolution: Classical 2022

Zoe Markle, member and co-founder of the dynamic Else, if Else trio, received a Special Opportunity Grant to attend the Evolution: Classical artist development program with her trio at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity in Alberta, Canada. Designed especially for musicians who are in the early stages of developing their career, the Evolution: Classical program provides ensembles with coachings by the prestigious Gryphon Piano Trio and workshops on career development, public speaking, collaboration, professional relationships, and diversity, equity, and inclusion in music. Young ensembles are immersed in an inspiring and supportive environment in which participants working in both traditional and non-traditional collaborative entities investigate and reconsider the “why” that motivates their artistic choices and reflects the depth and authenticity of their work. The Else, if Else trio was given the opportunity to collaborate with international performing artists, leaders of thought, and creative innovators to collectively explore the challenges and choices that emerging, entrepreneurial artists encounter as they make the decisions that determine their way forward.

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