Uday Singh РTrip to Zurich to Interview Industry Professionals 

Uday Singh РTrip to Zurich to Interview Industry Professionals 

Uday Singh traveled to Zurich, Switzerland in the Fall of 2023 to enhance his understanding of the music industry and its responsibilities as explored through conversation and interview with industry professionals. Situated near Zurich University of the Arts for the duration of his experience, Singh immersed himself within the Swiss arts community, a core of richness which spans the disciplines of Arts Education, Design, Film, Fine Arts, Music, and Theatre. Interested in the diverse and unique pathways that are constructed and approached within the music industry, Singh sought to define and determine the carefully curated careers which so often navigate a grey area between teaching, administration, and performance. In discussion with musicians, educators and arts specialists – Lars Mlekusch, Lucas Niggli, Joan Jordi Oliver, and Harry White – Singh collected a cohort of industry knowledge which will act as an impetus from which he can confidently move towards his goal of being an active voice in the new music world, both on and off the stage. He is excited to capitalize on what he has learned from his time in Zurich, Switzerland, and share his findings with interested colleagues, those similar to himself.

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