Travon Walker: representation Matters: Bringing Classical Music Into Schools through a BIPOC Lens

It is important that musicians are represented in the music they play. Travon aimed to accomplish this through the lens of BIPOC composers and musicians. He and the other musicians developed a program that featured music written by Black, Indigenous, and people of color. Then he reached out to school in the Rochester City School District with high populations of students of color and schools with high populations of white students. Each school performance included the music itself, online Zoom discussion, and presentations about the importance of representation in music. The goal was to give students a sense of belonging in classical music, develop student’s cultural enrichment, and strengthen the sense of community in the school and with Eastman. Due to COVID, all performances had to be online but Travon hopes that this can become an annual tradition and in the future the performances can be in-person so that the school children can meet with the students of Eastman.