The Sequoia Reed Quintet: The Intersection of Visual Art and Music at the Memorial Art Gallery

Gwendolyn used the IML grant to fund her and her quintet’s collaboration with the Memorial Art Gallery (MAG). This collaboration consists two performances including an educational program for young children, a pre-concert talk, and a full-length public concert. The feature piece was based off paintings of five women in the Memorial Art Gallery and addresses the topics of the composer’s (Ben West) mental health and their journey with anxiety. This quintet of reeds (oboe, clarinet, alto saxophone, bass clarinet, and bassoon) is still considered a new genre of chamber music. So not only did the new repertoire expand the music available to this genre but also explore important topics of mental health. This opportunity gives Gwendolyn and the Sequoia Reed Quintet a chance to explore new reed repertoire, strengthen the connections between Eastman and the Memorial Art Gallery, and bring awareness to mental health issues through music.