Reggie Bowens – 15th Annual Jazz Education Network Conference

Reggie Bowens – 15th Annual Jazz Education Network Conference

Reggie Bowens had a spectacular time at the 2024 Jazz Education Network (JEN) Conference, as part of his Spring 2024 ALP Grant opportunity. An educational and performance nonprofit founded in 2008, JEN is a program dedicated to building the jazz arts community by advancing education, promoting performance and developing new audiences. Bowens’ intention of shaping their personal brand and preparing for a life and career in arts leadership and the music industry, was wonderfully complimented and supported at the JEN Conference. In conversation with industry professionals, Bowens reflected that through networking at such a prestigious conference, their perspective of being an entrepreneur has reshaped their approach to the performance community tremendously. A business owner, freelance composer, arranger,  performer, and educator, Bowens was excited to attend the educational sessions at JEN on vocal health, inclusion, technology, research, and pedagogy so that his return as teacher in the classroom after his Eastman studies will be far more well informed about current practises and insights into the music industry. 

“Attending the 2024 Jazz Education Network (JEN) Conference was one of the highlights of my Winter Recess. In addition to enjoying the flavorful cuisine of the region, I made many meaningful connections with amazing professionals, including Alison Crockett and Bailey Havnes. I was also reintroduced to John Clayton and Tia Fuller, ran into Darmon Meader of the New York Voices. and attended the African American Jazz Caucus (AAJC) events, for which I am also becoming a member. The networking was incredible and I am forever grateful to have experienced JEN, and attended many workshops to further my career and professional development.”

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