Marlies Hollevoet – Lilith Ensemble – CD Release + Premiere Concert

Marlies Hollevoet – Lilith Ensemble – CD Release + Premiere Concert

Marlies Hollevoet traveled to Amsterdam and Antwerp, Netherlands in the Spring of 2024 to play an active part in the CD release and premiere concert of the Lilith Ensemble. Amsterdam based, the Lilith Ensemble’s mission is to promote female exposure in the music world, especially in the areas of composition and creation. Through performances and one-on-one work with young and professional female composers (such as Hollevoet themself), the work of this organization ensures the development of performers that are not best represented in the classical music industry and the visibility of female composers through much needed platforms and collaborations. As an international student, finding a balance and strong support network in both the USA and Europe was important for Hollevoet. Their work with the Lilith Ensemble provided them with ample networking experience, as well as mentorship from the ensemble collective which will provide Hollevoet with the resources to be able to navigate a career in music performance, production, and media marketing. In their time overseas, Hollevoet joined industry professionals for rehearsals, meals and coffee outings, and table discussions; helpful avenues which they hope will seed their desire to continue to make connections internationally.  

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