Liz Jackson: Outer Loop Theater Experience, The Humanity Project

Liz Jackson: Outer Loop Theater Experience, The Humanity Project

In Summer of 2023, Liz Jackson went to Tanzania, Africa with the Outer Loop Theater as part of their Humanity Project – a program that uses storytelling to create positive change in communities. The team makes an annual visit to the villages of Mloka and Msona to connect with the community and ask them of their needs. Since 2016, the Humanity Project has helped to build fertility clinics, water reserves, a food market, and establish an education scholarship for girls. To raise funds for these needs, the organization collaborates with the local villagers to tell their story through art – such as dance, music, and theater – recording it, then sharing it with potential donors and funders from around the world. During her two weeks in Tanzania, Liz worked with the local children on how to tell their story through the creation of a play, composition of a song, and writing of a monologue. Reflecting back on her experience, Liz acknowledges that it has “solidified my desire to work with arts organizations that make an impact.”

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