Kayla Sconiers – Finger Lakes Opera

Kayla Sconiers – Finger Lakes Opera

Kayla Sconiers dedicated her Summer 2023 internship with the Rochester Finger Lakes Opera Company to understanding the professional creation and production of opera as approached through a diverse and cultural lens. An organization which prioritizes diversity, equity and inclusion in their programming, work environment, and outreach initiatives, the Finger Lakes Opera supported Sconiers’ career aspirations as she continues to set out to be a figure of black and female representation in spaces which historically have maintained barriers for individuals in similar circumstances. In interview and collaboration with industry professionals, Sconiers’ made huge strides in her own professional development, particularly as relates to programming and planning, and managing donations within artistic spaces. The supportive environment that the Finger Lakes Opera shared with Sconiers, was instrumental in allowing her the flexibility to be creative, and eventually led her to spearhead new ideas and programming initiatives which continue to have impacts within the arts communities and primarily within The Black Student’s Union. 


“What goes on on-stage is just as important as what goes on behind the scenes. From event-planning to fundraising, everything is done with care and value that is beneficial to everyone. The Finger Lakes Opera Company has taught me that!”


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