Kathryn Brown: Kianna Goes to the orchestra

Passionate about generating increased diversity and inclusivity in music, violinist Kathryn Brown has focused on finding innovative ways to make classical music more accessible to children. In her efforts to reach this unique audience, she created Kiana, an 8-year-old Black girl, as the central character in a children’s book about a first-time visit to the symphony. In Kiana Goes to the Orchestra, Kiana experiences the culture and excitement surrounding a night at a classical concert. Both children and their parents are introduced to the special practices of concert attendance that may be unfamiliar, such as refraining from clapping between movements of a symphony. Through the publication of her work, Kathryn hopes that black and brown children will learn from an early age that they are both welcome and encouraged engage in this exciting part of our artistic culture. She has used this grant to both illustrate and begin the publication of her book.