Catharine Baek – Kent Blossom Music Festival

Catharine Baek – Kent Blossom Music Festival

Catherine Baek invested their time during the Summer of 2023 to complete an internship with the Kent Blossom Music Festival, based in Cleveland, Ohio. Baek set out with a desire to understand the importance of finding balance in a highly organizational and leadership driven environment, while understanding that those skills must coexist with their demanding routine as a performing artist. While in residence at KBMF, it was insightful for Baek to witness the elements which bridge together a higher institution (Kent State), presenting institution (Blossom Music Center), and a tier one orchestra (The Cleveland Orchestra). Baek’s understanding of the partnerships and collaboration between different bureaucratic bodies with various goals was subsequently deepened. A festival proud of promoting a rich community history, Baek engaged in conversation with the director and staff, discussing the advantages of long-standing education and community engagement, and how strong outreach can effectively engage local community members. This opportunity with KMBF was powerful for Baek, and has given them alternative perspectives in equity and inclusion, education, and archival work in arts organizations; an important approach that fosters a stronger holistic picture of what it takes to run a multi-level organization. 

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