Marrying Music and the Law: an Interview with Ari Solotoff, Esq.

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Episode 12: Marrying Music and the Law – an Interview with Ari Solotoff, Esq.
Ari Solotoff started off working in orchestras behind the scenes – first as an intern, and then as an orchestra manager. After sitting in on labor negotiations one day, he decided he wanted to go back to school for either an MBA or a law degree. Ultimately, he noticed how almost every decision he and his team were making in the orchestra had legal implications and how interwoven music and the law were. Fast forward one law degree later, and Ari has now started his own firm where he works with musicians, composers, and artists helping them with a variety of legal issues facing the arts community today. Tessa Nojaim – ALP certificate student and Eastman tuba performance student – has also always been fascinated by the law. This winter she applied to both law and music schools hoping to find a school that would let her build her own program around both interests. She talks to Ari about how she can marry the two, and what’s important for any musician to know about the law.

Host: Tessa Nojaim, Stephen Biegner (intro and outro)
Guests: Ari Solotoff
Mixing, Mastering: Frances Inzenhofer
Intro Music: Stephen Biegner
Outro Music: Alexa Silverman
Transcript: Frances Inzenhofer

Learn more about Ari’s law firm: Solotoff Law

If you think you have a legal issue, you probably do. Don’t just Google randomly for an answer or hope for the best. Find your local Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts group in your state. Here is the group for New York State. And here is a national directory so you can find the organization(s) in your state.

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