S2E7 – Health Care and Benefits: an Interview with Dr. Blaire Koerner

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Season 2, Minisode 7: Health Care and Benefits – an Interview with Dr. Blaire Koerner

For minisode 7, Dr. Koerner discusses health care and benefits for professional musicians. If you are a freelancer, there are plenty of ways to secure health care, life insurance, and other necessary benefits. Health care and benefit packages are also big considerations when negotiating a job offer in a more traditional setting. With so many young musicians harboring fears around health care and benefits, hopefully, this episode will provide some tools and ideas for acquiring these important aspects of a career.

Host: Stephen Biegner
Guest: Dr. Blaire Koerner, IML Assistant Director
Mixing, Mastering: Stephen Biegner
Intro & Incidental Music: Stephen Biegner
Outro Music: Alexa Silverman
Transcript: Emma Gierszal


Here’s a quick article on Investopedia breaking down what a Roth IRA is and how to start one.

Read more about the Freelancer’s Union here.

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