Catherine Filene Shouse ALP/MAML Internship – Host Interest Form

All organizations interested in hosting an Eastman intern must complete the following form outlining their general interest. Please only submit one interest form per host organization and specified the departments interested.

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Internship Information

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Host Commitment

Signing below states that you agree to the following terms around taking an intern.

Prior to Internship:

  • Plan substantial tasks, projects, and other duties for the student to fulfill the minimum amount of hours (For ALP – 85 hours of work; MAML – 200 hours)
  • Understand that the intern is a student first and school activities take precedence and should be accounted for.
  • Complete appropriate forms, provide intern job descriptions (ALP only), interview potential candidates, and submit offer letters and agreements by the specified deadlines.

During the Internship:

  • Abide by the University of Rochester work calendar including start dates, end dates, & holidays. The student may NOT put in any hours before the specified start date.
  • Utilize our onboarding materials to help transition the student into their new role.
  • Meet with the intern in a 1:1 setting on a regular basis (ALP – 2-3 times a month; MAML – once per 40 hours) to provide guidance and mentorship.
  • Approve students bi-weekly timecards within the specified timeframes (ALP only).
  • Submit mid-point and final evaluations of the intern and send them to internship Program Director.
  • Inform the Program Director immediately if the intern is struggling (no-shows, late projects, professionalism, etc.) so a support system can be developed.
  • Provide an exit interview for the intern, using the evaluations as points of conversation, to discuss places of growth for both the intern and the host organization.

After the Internship:

  • Reflect upon the mid-point and final evaluations the intern provides to assess how the host organization can continue to support students in this experience.
  • Connect with the Program Director to provide feedback and insight about the overall internship process and experience.
  • Plan on attending the annual ALP Host Organization Connection Event in late Spring (local organizations only)