S4E17 – Creating Access with Alecia Lawyer and ROCO

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Season 4, Episode 17: Creating Access with Alecia Lawyer and ROCO

In this episode, Rachel Smith chats with Alecia Lawyer, the Founder, Artistic Director, and Principal Oboe of ROCO. Based in Houston, Texas, ROCO is a dynamic and innovative professional chamber orchestra that flexes from 1 to 40 musicians from all over the US and Canada, with guest conductors from around the globe. Alecia discusses her journey to found ROCO, the philosophies that have guided and shaped the ensemble, and ROCO’s initiatives to create access to their music and performances.

Host: Rachel Smith

Guest: Alecia Lawyer

Mixing, Mastering: Jacob Rose

Artwork: Joyce Tseng

Music: Will Jae

Transcript: Jacob Rose
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