Congratulations to the new Catherine Filene Shouse Arts Leadership Certificate of Achievement (ALP) cohort!

Each year, upperclassmen and graduate students can apply to this competitive program to receive experiential opportunities that complement their primary area of study to support their leadership and career goals. Those accepted into the 2023 cohort include:

  • Amelia Abouljoud
  • Elijah Alexander
  • Meihui An
  • Olly Bangia
  • Brandon Berlanga
  • Berithen Chung
  • Jack Earnhart
  • Alicia Guan
  • Lindsay Haukom
  • Mary Jedynak 
  • Yixuan Ling
  • Cass Lo
  • Ellie Loya
  • Anastasia Maritsas
  • Charlotte McIntosh
  • Ashley Schlusselberg
  • Jack Snelling
  • Pedro Sperb
  • Julian Stuart-Burns
  • Mikhail Studenkov
  • Seth Tupy
  • Floris Van der Veken
  • Anne-Marie Wnek

Over the next two years, theses will personalize their experience through course selection, internship choices, and advising by professionals to gain knowledge of the music industry and develop skills to become a leader in the field.