Hosting an ALP Intern

Are you a music or arts organization interested in hosting an Eastman Arts Leadership Program intern? Whether you are local to the Rochester, NY area or in a different country, there is an opportunity for us to collaborate. Learn more below and connect with us.


Each year, up to twenty-five Eastman School of Music upperclassmen and graduate students are accepted into the Arts Leadership Certificate Program. This program is designed to prepare young musicians for the rapidly changing musical culture and an increasingly competitive and diversified marketplace. Part of this certificate requires students to obtain experiential learning through 2 semesters of paid internships funded by the Arts Leadership Program.

Students have the choice of interning during the academic year or over the summer for a minimum of 85 hours. In the academic year, interns are assigned to local, Rochester-based arts non-profits for hybrid or in-person opportunities. Over the summer, students have the option of selecting a local, national, or international arts organization for either a virtual or in-person experience.

ALP internships are designed to expose students to extra-musical tools, knowledge, and experiences that can only be learned in practical, “real world” settings. In return, interns will be better prepared to achieve their full potential as leading composers, performers, scholars, teachers, arts managers, and advocates of music.


All organizations that partner with the Arts Leadership Program will be expected to abide by the following guidelines.

Prior to Internship

  • Plan substantial tasks, projects, and other duties for the student to fulfill a minimum of 85 hours for the internship (maximum 100).
  • Understand that the intern is a student first and school events take precedence.
  • Complete appropriate forms, provide intern job descriptions, interview potential candidates, and submit offer letters by the specified deadlines.


 During the Internship

  • Abide by Eastman School of Music calendar including start dates, end dates, & holidays. Although a planning meeting is allowed, the student may NOT put in any hours before the specified start date.
  • Meet with the intern in a 1:1 setting on a regular basis (3-4 times a month) to provide guidance and, when appropriate, mentorship.
  • Approve students bi-weekly timecards within the specified timeframes.
  • Submit mid-point and final evaluations of the intern to the Program Director.
  • Inform the Program Director immediately if the intern is struggling (no-shows, late projects, professionalism, etc.) so a support system can be developed.
  • Provide an intern exit interview at the end of each semester to discuss places of growth for both the intern and the host organization.


After the Internship

  • Reflect upon the mid-point and final evaluations the intern provides to assess how the host organization can continue to support students in this experience.
  • Connect with the Program Director to provide feedback and insight about the overall internship process and experience.
  • Plan on attending the annual ALP Host Organization Connection Event in late Spring (local organizations only).

When submitting a Host Interest Form, a signature is required that states they agree to the terms listed above.


Each intern must go through an official application process for their internship. This is developed and overseen by the Arts Leadership Program Director, but host organizations provide requested materials, interview students, and select their intern.

Fall/Spring Internships: (Local Organizations Only)

Fall internships are hosted from September to the first week of December. Spring internships are from mid-January to the first week of May.

The application process for Fall/Spring internships occurs in the Winter the academic year PRIOR to the internship. (i.e. Students applying in Winter of 2023 would be hosted either Fall 2023 OR Spring 2024). The general timeframe for host organizations is as follows:

  • November 1 – All Host Interest Forms must be submitted
  • November – December – Receive emails and updates around the ALP cohort
  • January – February – Submit Job Descriptions, review applications, interview potential candidates, and make a final offer
  • March – Provide an official offer letter to the intern, which acts as our contract
  • April or May – Attend the ALP Host Organization Connection Event


Summer Internships: (Local, National, or International Organizations)

Summer internships are a bit more flexible and depend mostly on the intern’s and host availability. Although every student is required to intern during the academic year, summer internships are offered by choice. Therefore, the specifics of summer internships are based on the intern and host organizations interest and needs – full-time, part-time, virtual, or in-person – as long as it meets the 85-hour minimum requirement.

Due to the uniqueness of this type of internship, the application process is handled on a case-by-case basis. Usually, students request specific organizations they are interested in and we will contact the host organization. We do keep a general reference list of interested organizations students can reference. Feel free to contact the Program Director at if you would like to be added to the list.

The general timeframe for the summer intern applications is:

  • Early March – The Arts Leadership Program Director will contact an organization if a student is interested and ask for a job description
  • March – early April – Host organization receives and reviews application materials, interviews the student(s), and makes an offer
  • April – May – Host provides an official offer letter to the intern and signs a contract to confirm partnership


Interested in hosting an ALP intern? Complete the following to get the process started. Please note that although we accept Host Interest Forms year-round, the deadline of November 1 submission guarantees you to be part of the next application process. Any forms submitted past this time means that you will be considered for the FOLLOWING year.

New Organizations
For those organizations new to hosting an ALP intern OR it’s been a while since your last intern:

  • Complete the Host Interest Form by November 1 – By filling out this form, you are declaring your interest in hosting an ALP intern for the upcoming year.
  • Meet with Arts Leadership Program Director – Upon receiving your form, the Arts Leadership Program Director will message you to set up a time to meet, virtually or in-person. This meeting will confirm that this connection will be a good fit between the ALP interns and your organization.


Returning Organizations
For those organizations who have hosted in the past, thank you for returning as a collaborator! Please do the following:

  • Complete the Host Interest Form by November 1 – By filling out this form, you are declaring your interest in hosting an ALP intern for the upcoming year.
  • Check the Internal Website – (COMING SOON!)


Please note: We will guide both hosts and students through-out the application process to find an appropriate fit. However, it is not guaranteed that host organizations will receive an intern every year.


We are developing an internal website for all active host organizations where relevant materials, forms, timelines, and information will be housed. Upon completion, you will be sent log-in information for you to utilize.

Have a question? Contact the Arts Leadership Program Director at