S1E10 – A Fly on the Wall: Exploring the Classically Black Podcast

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Season 1, Episode 10: A Fly on the Wall: Exploring the Classically Black Podcast
In February of 2018, two students who had been attending Eastman for almost two years – Dalanie Harris and Katie Brown – met for the first time in the Detroit airport. Just nine months later, they’d launched the Classically Black podcast. Now, with over 100 episodes under their belts and a devoted following, Classically Black is growing and still going strong. We learn more about the hosts, what inspired them to start the podcast, and talk about why it was important to create a digital space for black musicians to embrace their blackness.

Host: Stephen Biegner
Guests: Dalanie Harris and Katie Brown
Mixing, Mastering: Frances Inzenhofer
Intro Music and Incidental Music: Stephen Biegner
Outro Music: Alexa Silverman
Transcript: Stephen Biegner

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Send Katie and Dalanie an email: classicallyblackpodcast@gmail.com

Read about MSM’s Artist Scholars which include Dalanie and Katie.

The specific episodes we recommended in this show by Katie and Dalanie are: We Tried Matchmaking (Ep. 98), It’s Not High Art, Beloved (Ep. 84), Bach Was a Gospel Artist Too (Ep. 18), Let’s Talk About It: Black Achievement in Classical Music (Ep. 60), Break Up with It (Ep. 66), WAP (We Always Practicing (Ep. 95), We Can’t Breathe…Again (Ep. 85), and finally, The Best of Classically Black (Ep. 100)

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