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Mike Forfia

Title: Bassist, Educator, and Music Director at City Light Church
Program Graduation: MM, ALP Certificate 2016
Musical Studies: Bass
Musical Specialties: Church Music, Commercial Music, Education
Non-Musical Specialties: Leadership
Quote: “Since my time at Eastman and the Institute for Music Leadership, I’ve often reflected on the impact these programs had on me as a musician, a teacher, and a person. What is the value of a higher education program but to create a brave space for students to explore and take chances? A space to meet wins with encouragement and failures with compassionate correction, a bit removed from a commercial world that can often be risk-averse and critical. In order to be “ever better” we must take chances and trust in the community around us to help pick us up when we fall. We must have mentors who continue guiding us towards our North Star through the wins and defeats we experience together. Out of all of the wonderful experiences I had at Eastman, the care and support of my mentors was the most meaningful.”


Mike Forfia is a musician, teacher, and organizational leader who currently serves as the Music Director at City Light church in Astoria, NY, Bassist with the Urbana Worship team, and Director of Staff & Programs at Redeemer West Side’s W83 Ministry Center, a worship center and events space on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. He holds a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Akron, and a Master of Music degree from the Eastman School of Music at the University of Rochester, and maintains an active performance calendar within the jazz, gospel, and pop music scenes in the greater New York City area.