Musical Mentors and the Plight of Autonomy (with Teacher Notes and Instructions)



Founded in 2008, Musical Mentors Collaborative is a nonprofit organization that offers free and individualized music instruction to underserved public school students in New York City by training and linking volunteer teachers in student-run university organizations with these students. This study examines the decision by the organization’s executive board to expand from three to six university chapters over a two-year period. The case concludes by asking the reader to create an expansion plan that details the actions needed to establish a new university chapter of Musical Mentors and to examine the implications of its commitment to instructor autonomy.

Author: Caroline Sonett
Published: Volume 4, Spring 2018
Details: PDF Download – 9 pages plus Appendices
ISSN: 2475-4994

This Case Study bundle includes one copy of the associated Teacher Notes and Teacher Instructions.

Sample Materials

PDF-download Musical Mentors Case Study Sample

PDF-download Musical Mentors Teacher Notes Sample