Eastman Etheory

Innovative online courses designed to offer the highest quality music instruction for students of all ages.

Interactive Music Theory Classroom

Etheory LIVE

15 week courses

Cumulative interactive online courses featuring weekly video lectures, assignments, quizzes, review sessions, and interaction with the course facilitator

Master the basics

Designed for musicians who are seriously interested in learning everything from the basics of pitch, scales, rhythm and harmony to the analysis of symphonic works

Prepare for success

Upon completion, you'll be able to:

  • Read and write musical notation
  • Identify keys, intervals, chords, meter and phrases
  • Sight-sing, conduct, and play on a keyboard
  • Transform your knowledge as a musician

World class education without leaving home

Presented by Dr. Steven Laitz, one of the world’s leading music theorists, supervised by James Doser, New York State Certified Music Teacher, and assisted by a team of course facilitators at the Eastman School of Music, eTheory LIVE offers exceptional teaching, in-depth lectures, rigorous assignments, one-on-one interaction with Eastman course facilitators, and weekly review sessions.

Graduate Music Theory Review

Graduate Etheory

Grad school prep

Skills, exercises, and drills serve as an aid to review undergraduate theory in preparation for graduate level placement exams and classes.

Review the basics

Written and analytical exercises are drawn from the literature and are fully integrated.

Set your pace

Most students work through the course between three and six weeks.

Dazzle with your music theory knowledge.

Join hundreds of students who have successfully prepared for graduate level theory courses and placement exams by studying music theory with Eastman School of Music's fully-integrated graduate theory review course.

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Music Theory Fundamentals in Four Weeks

Etheory Fundamentals

Music Theory Prep

This innovative online music theory course prepares first-year music majors for music theory placement exams. These lessons provide a smooth transition between high school and college-level academics.

4 week course

In addition to the presentation of basic music theory concepts and terminology, eTheory includes over 200 sets of writing, playing, listening, singing, and conducting exercises. This course provides a smooth transition between high school and college-level academics and can be completed in four to six weeks.

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