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I am a transfer student with theory credits from my previous school. Should I take ETHEORY LIVE?

ETHEORY LIVE is geared toward students who have limited music theory knowledge or gaps in their music theory experience and want an in-depth course. If you have already completed theory classes, then you are probably fine to continue to the next course at your new school. If you would like a refresher prior to continuing, then ETHEORY: Music Theory Fundamentals in 4 weeks is probably a better selection for you.

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Are there written assignments or tests in ETHEORY LIVE?

In addition to having automated assignments which provide immediate assessment, each lesson contains assignments that need to be hand-written and submitted. This is usually done by downloading the PDF, completing the questions, and then uploading a scanned copy of the completed assignment. These assignments are then graded by your course facilitator, who will provide specific feedback and suggestions.

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Do I get credit for taking part I and part II of ETHEORY LIVE?

The Eastman School of Music does not offer credit for the course. Together, the two cumulative ETHEORY LIVE parts do meet, and exceed, New York State requirements for Music Theory 1 credit, and cover the content of most first-year college music theory courses. High school credit is granted by your local principal on an individual basis. Information for your principal and guidance counselors can be found here:

ETHEORY LIVE Course Information

ETHEORY LIVE Curriculum Document