Chanticleer, Youth, and the Choral Art


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Founded in 1978, Chanticleer is a GRAMMY® Award-winning all-male vocal ensemble based in San Francisco. Educating young singers has always been an important part of the group’s mission. In its early history, the group would provide master classes and workshops by request before a more dedicated education program emerged under the leadership of a new president and general director in 1999. Soon a dedicated director of education was established, charged with organizing an annual youth choral festival for select Bay Area high school choirs. A nationwide choral festival followed, which spawned a select group of local high school singers that became known as the LAB Choir and met regularly. Further education initiatives materialized under the director of education. To measure the effectiveness of these education efforts, surveys were completed by student-singers over four years, the results of which are revealed in the case.

Author: Michael Alan Anderson
Published: Volume 7, Fall 2019
Details: PDF Download – 7 pages plus Appendices
ISSN: 2475-4994

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