Bang on a Can: Investing in a Music Ecosystem (with Teacher Notes and Instructions)


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Founded in 1987, Bang on a Can is a contemporary classical music organization based in New York City. Composers Michael Gordon, David Lang, and Julia Wolfe established Bang on a Can with the hope of creating an international community focused on innovative music in whatever form it may take. The organization commissions composers and presents daring programming to audiences around the world. This case study traces the history of Bang on a Can by focusing on the success of its annual Marathon. Through its activities, the organization has cultivated an audience that reflects its own openness, expansive musical tastes, and support for contemporary music composition and performance. A proposed “Long Play Festival” presents an opportunity for Bang on a Can to scale its vision further in a multi-day, multi-location concert series.

Author: Gabrielle Cornish
Published: Volume 9, Fall 2020
Details: PDF Download – 6 pages plus Appendices
ISSN: 2475-4994