HSO Rally

Hartford Symphony Update

September 21, 2015 In: Local, Musicians Today, Negotiation

Opinions regarding the Carnegie mess are indeed divided

September 18, 2015 In: Governance

Governance fail at Carnegie Hall

In: Compromised Integrity, Governance, Orchestra Management, Orchestral Models

Portland (ME) Symphony Names Carolyn Nishon as Executive Director

September 10, 2015 In: Editor's Choice, Orchestra Management

How to Release Your Own Recording – Hangout Tuesday September 15th 8pm EST

In: Entrepreneurship, Recording Industry
Alison's recital

Chicago Symphony Violinist Overcomes Vision Problem

September 4, 2015 In: Careers, Health & Wellness, Music Medicine, Orchestra Life

Have Bass, Will Travel. Nervously.

September 1, 2015 In: Alternative Ensembles, Instruments, Live Music, Orchestra Life, Travel

George Cleve

August 28, 2015 In: Conducting, Musicians Today, Orchestra Life

Here Comes Fall! A Week in the Life of Two ROPA Orchestra Musicians

August 26, 2015 In: Careers, Gigs, Musicians Today, Orchestra Life

HSO on the Radio!

August 21, 2015 In: Da Union, Negotiation, Orchestra Life, Performances