To IBB or not to IBB? Why musicians so often say “no” to interest-based bargaining

Editor's Abstract

To IBB or Not To IBB
Interest-based bargaining (IBB), non-confrontational negotiating, mutual-gains bargaining, win-win bargaining – no matter what you call it, symphony musicians disagree vehemently about whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing.
Robert Levine has written a thoughtful essay that explores this disagreement about IBB. Robert presents a brief history of the evolution of symphony players’ negotiating their own contracts, and then goes on to discuss the pros and cons of adopting non-traditional bargaining techniques.
Whether you believe that IBB can encourage more creative solutions, or believe that IBB results in bad outcomes for musicians, you’ll find this essay provocative yet balanced. To continue this discussion, the Orchestra Musicians’ Forum has selected Robert’s essay as the subject of our first Virtual Panel Discussion, moderated by Drew McManus and beginning on April 17th.
To IBB or Not To IBB first appeared in the July/August 2005 issue of Symphony, the magazine of the American Symphony Orchestra League. Used by permission.

Ann Drinan

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