Nepotism to Amigo-ism: Can a composer enter an orchestra’s door without holding a conductor’s hand?

Editor's Abstract

The level of musician involvement with programming new music varies from one ensemble to the next, but overall, musician influence is minor. Historically, conductors exercise jurisdiction over these matters, and as a result, an inadvertent divide between musicians and composers has steadily grown throughout recent generations and is, perhaps, wider than ever.
Christian Woehr III is the Assistant Principal Violist for the SLSO and also an avid composer. These dual abilities create a unique dichotomy: as an orchestral musician, he has to work against the tide of conductor influence on programming of new music; but as a composer, the preferred method for getting his music performed is to curry favor with a conductor.
Chris’ article explores these issues and more, in addition to serving as a prelude to’s June, 2006, Virtual Discussion Panel.

Drew McManus

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