Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Labor Relations, Negotiations, and Contract Administration

Editor's Abstract

Are you confused about Orchestra Committees, Locals, Player Conferences, CBAs, AFM, ASOL, SOI, etc., etc.? The orchestra world often begins to seem like alphabet soup. But here’s a quick and easy way to sort your way through the basics of contracts, labor law and unions, and find out just exactly how your orchestra is run.
Robert Levine, Principal Violist in the Milwaukee Symphony, former Chair of ICSOM, and President of AFM Local 8 in Milwaukee, has written an article in question & answer format that walks you through all these issues. From defining collective bargaining to discussing why orchestras are unionized, Robert presents a clear (and often amusing) picture of what you need to know to participate meaningfully in your orchestra and your local.
Robert goes on to describe how an orchestra works, from both the musicians’ point of view, discussing such topics as peer review, tenure, auditions, and revolving seating, and the industry’s point of view, touching on orchestra categories and funding. This FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) article will continue to grow – please send in your questions and Robert will add the answer.

Ann Drinan

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