2020 Workshop Sessions

Past Arts in the Loop Workshops

Choosing and Using your Online Platform

Sunday, Sept. 20, 2020 4PM-6PM

Presenter: Larry Moss

This two-part workshop provides an overview of different online platforms that artists can use to help address their specific needs. The first part will discuss how platforms can be used for an artist’s particular needs and goals. The second part will provide artists with an interactive learning experience to dive into platforms, as well as how to utilize physical materials (hard-drives, webcams, microphones, etc.) to maximize their online experience. This workshop will include a live Q&A so that participants can ask questions about the platforms they use and/or would like to learn more about.


Website Building

Wed. Sept. 23, 2020 11AM-1PM

Presenter: Rebecca Crocker

This workshop will teach artists the basics of website building (no coding experience required). Artists will learn about different website building platforms, purchasing and assigning domain names, and how to build an E-Commerce website. This workshop will include a live Q&A so that participants can ask specific questions about website building.


Transitioning to E-Commerce

Sunday Sept. 27, 2020 4PM-6PM

Presenter: Brad VanAuken

This workshop will teach artists how to develop, host and promote websites for e-commerce including becoming familiar with different web development and hosting services, e-commerce platforms and payment methods. It will also briefly cover content creation, blogs, podcasts, YouTube channels, lead generation, marketing automation, search engine optimization, online promotion, web store organization, privacy policy generators, terms of use generators, and virtual museums, concerts and other events.



Sharing your Work in a Post Covid World

Thursday Oct. 1, 2020 11AM-1PM

Presenter: Erica Fee

COVID-19 has changed the way we experience the world and has forced artists to completely reinvent all creative arts industries. This workshop will create the space for a dialogue about creative (and safe) ways to hold in-person events. This includes where to find resources regarding government-mandated social distancing guidelines, how to implement these guidelines in creative ways, and directions for where to access legal liability information. The workshop will also teach artists where and how to look for opportunities to display and present their work both in person and online, while also maintaining ownership and rights to their work.


Finding Funding Opportunities

Sunday Oct. 4, 2020 4PM-6PM

Presenter: Maya Crane

This workshop will discuss where to find funding opportunities in Rochester. There will also be discussions about how to research local, regional, and state grant funded opportunities. This workshop will include a live Q&A for participants to ask specific questions about grant funding opportunities.



Writing Grants

Recorded Session: View in advance

Live: Wed Oct. 7, 2020 11AM-1PM, Thurs Oct. 8, 2020 10AM-1PM

Presenter: Amanda Chestnut

This workshop is in two parts. The first part will be a 45-minute pre-recorded workshop, providing an understanding to grant-writing. The presenter will break down the components of articulating artists’ ideas and works, specific to writing a grant proposal. This will include sharing the language and context that helps make grant applications competitive. The second part will allow for 10-minute individual consultation sessions with grant-writing experts. The individual consultation is meant to help with broader grant-writing questions and is not meant for specific grant proposal review. This opportunity for individual consultations is only available for synchronous participation, and will be on a first-come, first-serve basis to the first 48 artists that register.


Legal and Business Considerations 

Part  A: Sunday Oct. 11, 2020 4PM-6PM

Presenter: Tim Menasco

This two-part workshop will teach artists about various legal and business considerations that may be applicable to their career needs. The legal portion will cover copyright licensing, contracts, different types of business structures, and liability considerations, with an emphasis on helping artists maintain rights to their work when sold and/or utilized in an online format. The business portion will focus on small business ownership. There will be ample time for Q&A with the presenters.



Authentic Community Engagement

Wed. Oct. 14, 2020 11AM-1PM

Presenter: Rachel DeGuzman

This workshop will be led by Rachel DeGuzman and will be an interactive experience for how artists can authentically connect with communities and organizations.




Finding and Identifying your Target Audience

Sunday Oct. 18, 2020 4PM-6PM

Presenter: Dresden Engle

Identifying your audience is one of the most important steps to increasing revenue. This workshop will teach artists how to find the right market segment for their work, how to narrow down and/or broaden their audience base and help artists with how to define their art’s specific market. This interactive workshop will allow time for Q&A with synchronous participants.



Building your Brand

Wed. Oct 21, 2020 11am-1pm

Presenter: Amanda Altman

This workshop will teach artists how to build their brand using different (free!) branding resources, in addition to best practices for creating a brand image on social media. The workshop will also go over basic design tips and tricks to help the artists create professional and individualized brand portfolios. Synchronous participants will have time for Q&A with the workshop presenter to answer questions specific to their marketing projects.



Digital Marketing and Promotional Strategy

Sunday Oct. 25, 2020 4PM-6PM

Presenter: Danielle Raymo

Digital marketing is one of the most effective marketing tools out there. This workshop will help artists learn how to increase revenues, broaden their market, and drive new business to your online platforms. The workshop will also cover topics such as paid vs. organic growth, and how to obtain digital media coverage from local and regional news outlets. Synchronous workshop participants will have time for Q&A with the workshop presenter throughout the session.