Tiffany Ng

April 19, 2018

You are an “energetic advocate” of contemporary music. What are some ways that Eastman Students can increase the outreach of new music?

Partner with student composers and premiere their works. You have an incredible pool of talent to work with at Eastman. Help each other in your careers now, and you may well develop lifelong partnerships. Learning and performing contemporary music requires additional skills that you’re probably not learning from the canonical repertoire for your instrument. The sooner you start developing those skills by premiering works by your peers, the more skilled you’ll be as a professional.

You have an impressive academic resume. Do you have advice for students on how to get the most out of their studies?

Apply to undergraduate, graduate, or summer programs away from home! A tremendous part of my learning experiences came from leaving my native San Francisco for the East Coast, Europe, and Asia to pursue study and research. The cultural and global understanding that I developed from leaving my comfort zone absolutely shaped my capacity to learn in the classroom and my research interests. Being a student is the best time for these voyages of discovery. Apply for scholarships to make it happen!

In your opinion, what ALP class or classes best prepared you to succeed in the job market?

Years in advance of applying for faculty teaching positions, I took Susan Conkling’s “Preparing Future Music Faculty” course and developed the skills and the written materials needed to submit competitive applications. Having a strong foundation on which to build my teaching practice, I developed rapidly as a Graduate Teaching Assistant during my doctoral studies. When the hectic job application process began, I already had my philosophy of teaching and other materials ready to go!

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