The Po’ Boys Brass Band

February 15, 2011

Trombone? In the back of the band? Not anymore.

This New Orleans-style funk/rock/brass band is not to be tamed! Garnering acclaim as a powerhouse of sound and technical skill, these seven multi-talented Eastman and Arts Leadership Program alumni have made waves not only as musicians, but as entrepreneurs and educators as well.

The Po’ Boys Brass Band are: Evan Dobbins, trombone; Nick Finzer, trombone; Mike Frederick, guitar; Erik Jacobs, trombone; TJ Ricer (Arts Leadership Program alumnus), sousaphone; Chris Teal, drums; and Chris Van Hof (Arts Leadership Program alumnus), trombone.

The PBBB will be releasing their second album in March 2011, and they need your help. These gentlemen have gone independent — from artistically-restricting record labels, that is — and are looking to their supportive fans for help funding this album.

To make a donation of any amount, please visit Kickstarter by February 28, 2011. Any donation of $5 and over garners you exclusive prizes ranging from a hand-written thank you note and autographed CDs to having a song named after you or free PBBB concert tickets for life!

The PBBB’s debut album “Bone Break” (2008) is available for purchase on the band’s website.