Eastman Gig Service

February 17, 2010

The Gig Board initiative is a conduit between the Rochester community-at large and Eastman students for musical opportunities or “gigs.” Matriculated Eastman students have the opportunity to create an account and sign up for the gig service to become an active member of our database. We also strongly suggest a review of our Gig service policies and tools to successful gigging.

Individuals desiring an exceptional Eastman student and/or ensemble are able to request a gig online. We are proud of this unique service and work to keep this interactive enterprise at the highest quality possible. Feedback to our gig administrators (or “gigmins”) is always welcome.

Meet the Gigmins: Fotina and Naumenko and Katie Ernst

What makes the Eastman Gig Service unique?

Fotina: The Gig Service allows students to explore performance opportunities outside of the school environment. It also allows Eastman musicians to find students of their own, to gain teaching experience. It’s a great way for Eastman students to use their talents professionally while still in school, not only to gain experience but to supplement their income as well!

Katie: It connects the community and the school in a mutually beneficial way. The community gets great music, and students get paid!

Please speak to the quality and service provided by the Eastman Gig Board.

Fotina: The Gig Service provides access to a concise list of teaching and performing opportunities in and around the Rochester area. It is a convenient way for students to find opportunities that they otherwise would not be aware of. People in the Rochester community regularly need to hire musicians, and we do our best to connect them with our students!

Katie: Because of the new online Gig Board, registered users can receive automatic emails when a pertinent gig is posted. This makes it easy for students to find gigs that apply to their ensemble, instrument, or voice type.

How does this enterprise support Eastman and the IML’s values of creativity and entrepreneurship?

Fotina: The Gig Service allows students to practice professionalism in providing musical services, experience that will be invaluable after graduation, once students enter the job market. These experiences make musicians more competent and competitive, and this goes along with IML’s goals of teaching students about practical business aspects of our profession. Too often we neglect this part of our education, and the Gig Service is just one part of IML’s efforts to prepare students for successful careers!

Katie: Freelancing while still in school is so important! With the gig service, students can hone their skills in negotiation, contract writing, and artistic professionalism. Once students graduate, they’ll be well prepared for the professional music world.

“Rochester is a difficult city to break into as a jazz musician, mostly because there just aren’t that many lucrative gig opportunities. The Eastman Gig Service has been instrumental in facilitating a bridge between musician and contractor, and is an invaluable resource in helping musicians find work. It’s as though all of the “leg work” has been taken out to provide students with the easiest means of getting in touch with prospective employers. I have used the Gig Service for over a year now and can honestly say it has put me on the map as a performing artist in Rochester’s jazz scene.”
Eastman student, MM JCM, piano

Visit the Gig Service today or call 585.274.1215