Uncertain Times: Music is Essential

March 23, 2020 In: Sound Bits

Writing these blog posts has become increasingly challenging in recent weeks. While the primary focus of the PRJC is on innovation and impact, relevance and meaning are what drive all of our work. How does the art I create—the work I engage in—relate to the world around me? What possibly can be said when livelihoods […]

Uncertain Times: Resources for Musicians

March 16, 2020 In: Sound Bits

The impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the musical world is unprecedented. Over the last two weeks, our field, built primarily on a foundation of human interactions and large events, has been upended. In these uncertain and precarious times, we have curated a list of organizations providing support to musicians in need: American Federation of […]

Uncertain Times: Enter Innovation

March 9, 2020 In: Sound Bits

As the world is gripped with uncertainty and concern surrounding the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), the impact has been significant in the music world. The centrality of live performance in public spaces that is at the core of what we do, make the arts particularly vulnerable to measures designed to contain the spread of the disease. […]

Leadership Through Programming

February 24, 2020 In: Sound Bits

February through March marks an exciting time in the orchestral world—the time period when a majority of professional symphony orchestras release their programming for the upcoming season. As performing artists in the 21st century, what we program and perform defines our personal artistic values and aesthetics, determines what our audiences will and will not experience […]

Developing an “Impact” Mindset

February 17, 2020 In: Sound Bits

In this role, we constantly reflect on the meaning and relationship between innovation and impact. More specifically, what is the impact of the work that we—twenty-first century artists and ensembles—do on the world around us. In our opinion, impact can be viewed as the greatest gauge or measure of innovation. This focus on impact reminded […]

Innovation: Risks and Rewards

February 10, 2020 In: Sound Bits

At the core of the Paul R. Judy Center for Innovation and Research is a focus on the 21st Century evolution of the innovative ensemble, with a focus on creative, artist-centered ensembles that reflect new models of artistic innovation, organizational relationships, and operational sustainability. This mission requires us to continually reflect on the meaning, purpose, […]

PRJC Grant Program Deadline Approaching (ESM Applicants)

February 3, 2020 In: PRJC News, Sound Bits

The Paul R. Judy Center for Innovation and Research is a division of the Institute for Music Leadership at the Eastman School of Music. The Center’s research and programming emphasizes the 21st Century evolution of the innovative ensemble, influenced by both the symphony orchestra and the chamber music traditions, with a focus on creative, artist-centered […]

#bthvn2020 or #BANbthvn

January 27, 2020 In: Sound Bits

This past December, the music world celebrated the 250th anniversary of Ludwig Van Beethoven’s birth. The year-long celebration of “Beethoven@250” runs the gamut, including multiple high-profile orchestras performing all of the symphonies, numerous stagings of Fidelio, complete performances of the piano sonatas, museum exhibitions, an augmented reality tour of Vienna, and, of course, the hashtag […]

Yo-Yo Ma: “It’s Never Art for Art’s Sake”

January 20, 2020 In: Sound Bits

In a March 2019 talk given at Harvard University, Yo-You Ma asserted: It’s Never Art for Art’s sake, because even if I do it for myself in my head, I have an ideal. I’m actually trying to take something — a construct, a concept, a theory — and then I want to make it visible. […]

New Year, New Audience?

January 13, 2020 In: Sound Bits

In recent weeks, an article by Aubrey Bergauer has been circulating on Facebook. Titled “The Orchestra Myth: And What We Can Learn From Nordstrom,” the article highlights the value of nurturing existing audiences in addition to developing new audiences. Bergauer highlights that the challenge for orchestras is not attracting new audiences, but rather retaining audiences […]