Believe It or Not, It’s Tax Time!

January 31, 2017 In: Sound Bits

Yep, I know – probably not your favorite time of year or your favorite thing to do, but it is time to start thinking about your 2016 tax return preparation and filing! Whether you use an accountant, or use a software program yourself, you probably have some preparation to do – figuring out actual amounts […]

Do I Need a License for That? A Copyright and Licensing Refresher

January 25, 2017 In: Sound Bits

As a performer or ensemble, did you know that simply purchasing the sheet music to a composition does not actually grant you permission to perform it in public? In certain cases, you may need to obtain a performance license to perform a work. Many times, the venue in which you are performing will already have […]

Spotlight on Innovation: Music in the American Wild

January 23, 2017 In: Ahead of the Beat

The article below was written by flutist Emlyn Johnson, who conceived and directed the project “Music in the American Wild.”  It is a wonderful example of bringing an innovative project to life and Emlyn takes us through the journey from the raw idea through the successful completion of the project.  Be sure to check out […]

Inspiring Video: Eric Whitacre Advocates for Singing & Music Education

January 18, 2017 In: Sound Bits

In a recent video for JW Pepper, Eric Whitacre reflects on the benefits of singing and music education.  It is a nice bit of inspiration for your Wednesday – enjoy!

What do “Orchestra Newcomers” Like and Dislike about the Concert Experience?

January 10, 2017 In: PRJC News

You may have seen the recent article by the California Symphony about their “Orchestra X” program that engaged “orchestra newcomers” in a discussion about the concert-going experience. Some of the insights gleamed from these individuals are predictable (they generally feel unsure of what to wear, and don’t know the names of all the instruments) but […]

Events to Check out at the CMA Conference – January 12-15

January 3, 2017 In: Sound Bits

If you are in New York City, or plan to be there for the Chamber Music America National Conference January 12-15, consider checking out these innovation-themed sessions which look very interesting (the first one features two Paul R. Judy Center Grant Recipients!): Friday January 13 Teams Without Borders: Collaborating Virtually 2:00 PM – 3:10 PM […]

Looking Ahead, and Looking Back

December 21, 2016 In: Sound Bits

As the end of the year draws closer, now is a great time to look back at 2016.  Did you achieve the goals you set out for yourself? For your organization? What were the highlights of 2016? What were the challenges? It is always a great idea to take some time and simply reflect on […]

ComposeMilwaukee: Connecting Generations by Creating New Music

December 19, 2016 In: Ahead of the Beat

Supported in part by a grant from the Paul R. Judy Center for Applied Research at the Eastman School of Music, Present Music, Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s acclaimed new music ensemble, brought together composers of all ages and experience levels through a new community engagement initiative: ComposeMilwaukee. The program invites schools and community organizations to GATHER, CREATE, […]

Thinking Long Term

December 14, 2016 In: Sound Bits

A young musician once asked an established, entrepreneurial musician a great question: “What do you think is the biggest mistake that young musicians make?”  The older musician answered without hesitation, “thinking too short term.”  They went on to explain the importance of thinking long term and not only focusing on the immediate future. I like […]

Spotlight on Innovation: Groupmuse

December 7, 2016 In: Sound Bits

If you don’t know much about Groupmuse, or haven’t checked them out in a while, take a few minutes to peruse their excellent website: Groupmuse is a fascinating and innovation model of providing house-concerts – you can setup a concert in your living room through Groupmuse, and their platform connects you to area musicians.  […]