Baltimore's Adult Camp

July 24, 2015 In: Orchestra Life
Hartford Symphony

Saving the Hartford Symphony

July 13, 2015 In: Negotiation, Orchestra Life

Boston's Handel and Haydn Society Turns 200

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Lincoln Portrait and the Fourth of July

July 12, 2015 In: Uncategorized

The End of Work?

July 10, 2015 In: The Future

Some thoughts on Hartford

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Optimism in Omaha

July 6, 2015 In: Classical Music, Negotiation, Orchestra Life, Orchestra Management

Are You a Musical Code-Switcher?

June 22, 2015 In: Alternative Ensembles, Education, Paul R. Judy Center for Applied Research, Students

Hidden Messages: New Vintage Baroque’s Second Season

June 18, 2015 In: Alternative Ensembles, Entrepreneurship, Paul R. Judy Center for Applied Research, Performances

Cavalcade of baby conductors

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