Symphonic Education Programs

Editor's Abstract

Yvonne Caruthers, cellist with the National Symphony, has been involved with her orchestra’s Education Department for many years. She also designs programs for the Smithsonian’s education branch, and has many exciting ideas to share about how orchestra musicians can develop and enjoy educational and outreach programs.
In her introductory article, Yvonne presents a brief history of how educational services and orchestral residencies in under-served communities were introduced to major orchestras. She goes on to describe some of her own and her colleagues’ first experiences with an orchestra residency in Alaska – they were hit by some pretty tough questions from the 5th & 6th graders! National Symphony musicians have been through several residencies in the past few years, and Yvonne offers her insights on how to make them rewarding for both the students and the orchestra players.
Yvonne has been interviewing and soliciting articles from colleagues around North America regarding orchestral education and outreach programs, and has a wonderful collection of articles in the pipeline. Please contact us if you’d like to share your own orchestra’s experiences, or if you have any questions about outreach programs.

Ann Drinan

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