Musicians as Educators: Reflecting on Learning Experiences

Editor's Abstract

How should you go about designing your personal teaching style or your orchestra’s educational programs? What of your early music learning experiences should you carry over to your own teaching?
Ruth Cahn, Director of the Eastman School of Music’s Summer Session, percussion instructor in their Community School, and former member of the Rochester Philharmonic for over 3 decades, presents some fascinating questions for you to consider when contemplating your personal educational plans.
Ruth describes several different styles of teachers that helped formulate her own musical passage, and details some methodologies she recommends. She then presents a list of quotes about inspirational teachers, made by the students in her Arts Leadership Course, and discusses the importance of sharing this inspiration with symphony Board members.
Ruth’s article will help you remember that “understanding and reaffirming our musical roots is a powerful step in connecting others to music.”

Ann Drinan

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